All right, guys, fun fact: women love you. They may say they hate you, but the truth of the matter is that we can’t live without you. When you’re not around we’re miserable, but there’s a few things you need to know before we can move on:

*Hygiene is a must: 
     Sure, it’s sexy when your hands are a bit dirty from working on your car, but if you have 3 weeks worth of dirt caked under them bitches, we may have some problems. Another thing: if your nails are longer than mine when mine are cut, we may have some problems. General rule: if your hair or nails are longer than a girl’s, you need some kind of intervention. Also, daily showers are a must. Also, brush your teeth.

*If you see a girl from across the room, go say hi:
     Being stared at awkwardly is never a fun game to play, and it doesn’t look cute. If I catch your eye, that’s cute, but if you stare constantly like I’m going to morph into a Pterodactyl, I may just turn and walk away. If you don’t do that, but are kind of shy, don’t worry about it: chances are we’ll think your slip ups are adorable.

First Post!

So my friend and I are starting this because we’re bored. Don’t get all “oh, you’re so rude” because none of the stuff either of us are saying is meant to be rude or directed at anyone in a hateful way: it’s just the truth.